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The Black Gingham Stretch


Get the best of both worlds. The softness and breathability of cotton with all the stretch and mobility of lycra, on a classicly patterned black gingham fabric. Who says you can't have it all?

Our new untucked shirts are perfect for the casual workplace, nights out, or anything in between. Custom made using your existing measurement profile in a cut that is optimal for everyday use and the perfect length to be worn untucked.

All Untucked Shirts can be customized in long or short sleeves, new collar types, and can be made unstructured for a lighter, easy-care shirt you can take anywhere.

Ships in 8-10 weeks

Casual Shirt Collar

Casual Shirt Cuff

Casual Shirt Placket

Casual Shirt Fit


Advanced Casual Shirt Options

Cuff/Collar Liner Fabric

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