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Know Your Suit


Lapels are all about proportion – their width should correspond to the width of ties you wear and they should always lay flat against your chest.


A suit isn't complete until paired with the right accessories. Look for a pocket square that compliments your shirt and tie — but doesn’t match them — for a touch of elegance and style.


Your jacket should flatter your body regardless of your shape by tapering at the waist – making your midsection appear leaner and your shoulders broader.

Jacket Closure

Your jacket’s top button should fasten without strain, with minimal pulling, and leave about two inches of space if you pull it out from your body.

High Arm Holes

Higher arm holes offer greater mobility, while lower armholes are larger and tend to cause bunching.

Sleeve Length

Your jacket sleeves should extend to just above your wrist, leaving room to show half an inch of your shirt cuff.

Pant Fit

Modern fit pants should be slim and flat front, while tapering at the knee for a subtle slimming effect.

Pant Break

Your pants should never bunch at the bottom; optimal pant length allows your pants to minimally cover the tops of your shoes with only a small break or dimple in the fabric.

Jacket Length

Modern jackets are cut shorter than they were historically which had the jacket extending to the middle knuckle on your thumb. Regardless of your preference, the jacket should always be long enough to cover your rear.


Vents offer mobility while maintaining your jacket’s shape, and should lay flat and perpendicular to the floor without flaring.


Shoulders are the most crucial part of the fit of a jacket, and should extend only as far as your natural shoulders, finished round and smooth with no dimpling.


The jacket should sit smooth against your neck, with no bunching, gaping or visible rolls at the top of your back.

Quality Fabrics

Our suits are made from fine wools — soft and luxurious to the touch — with functional weights that can be worn from season to season. Eph Apparel offers fabrics in a variety of grades, thread counts, weights and patterns, so that no matter where and how often you wear your suit — it will be just what you need.

Commitment to Quality

We believe that using quality materials is the first and most important step to making great clothing. All Eph Apparel garments are audited in a 130 point inspection prior to shipment, matched to your measurements and specifications to ensure that all aspects of your order meet our production standards.

Jacket Construction

Half Canvas Construction

All Eph suits are half canvassed with horsehair interfacing, and pad stitched lapels for a more structured garment that will hold its shape over time.

Jacket Construction

Rolled Lapels

We naturally roll all lapels to add depth and elegance to your suit jacket.

Jacket Construction

Lightweight Shoulder Pads

Our shoulders are built with modern components with natural shape and curvature to flatter your physique and provide structure.

Jacket Construction

Natural Horn Buttons

Horn buttons are considered the standard in men’s suits not only for their stylish look, but because they are much harder and more durable than plastic buttons found on off-the-rack garments.

Jacket Construction

Custom Jacket Liners

Custom jacket liners add a touch of personality to any jacket, and we offer more options than anyone in funky patterns and light breathable fabrics.

Jacket Construction

Reinforced Buttons

All buttons are secured and shanked at the base for easy fastening and to reduce the risk that they’ll ever fall off. If any buttons break or fall off for as long as you own your suit, we will fix it free of charge.

Jacket Construction

Hand Cut

Every jacket is chalked and cut by hand to your exact measurements and specifications by a tailor with decades of experience – now that’s custom.

Shirt Construction

Mother of Pearl Buttons

A sign of a high quality dress shirt for their hardness, resistence to breaking, resilience to high temperatures of dry cleaners, and their rich, elegant color.

Shirt Construction

Removeable Collar Stays

Collar stays will maintain your collars shape over time and ensure that it appears crisp and straight. Removable collar stays are a sign of a quality garment and offer the ability to remove them during washing and ironing to maintain their integrity.

Shirt Construction

Premium Fabrics

Quality shirts start with the fabric, and we’ve got options in pure, mercerized cottons, as well as seasonal cotton blends with linen, wool, lycra, and more.

Shirt Construction

Quality Cuffs and Collars

Crisp, symmetrical, cuffs and collars with clean stitching and just the right stiffness to keep its shape over time.

Pant Construction

Pant Lining

All pants are lined to the knee – where the most stress and abrasion takes place - with a layer of light, breathable fabric so that the fabric will last.

Pant Construction

Modern Cut

Our modern fit pants are cut slim, with a narrow pant opening for a contemporary fit that will make you appear leaner, taller, and flatter your appearance no matter what shape you are.

Pant Construction

Quality Zippers

We only use reliable, quality YKK zippers that we guarantee for the life of your garment; if it ever needs to be replaced, we will cover the cost.

Pant Construction

Rubber Waist Grips

We employ a layer of durable rubber around the inside of the waistband so that your dress shirt will stay securely tucked in all day long.

Pant Construction

Heel Guards

Our pants are reinforced with an extra layer of fabric at the back of the heel, a major stress point, to protect against abrasion and wear over time.

Pant Construction

Extra Fabric

All Eph suits have ample fabric in every seam to ensure that even if you change shapes over time, your suit can be tailored to change with you.