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Our Style Rep team is a growing network of style savvy men and women selling custom menswear nationwide.

A limitless paycheque

The harder you work, the more you earn. Simple as that.

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No start up costs

No money? No problems. Get started today.

Set your schedule

Work when you want to – you’re the boss.


Your office is where you make it, work from home or meet clients on the go.

Set for success

When you sign up to join our team of Style Reps you’ll receive live, in-person training from an experienced member of our team and a complete sales kit delivered to your door with no start up costs.

A limitless paycheque

With us, the sky's the limit. Working on commission allows you to earn as much as you'd possibly like.
  • $500 +
  • $2000 +
  • $4000 +
  • $5000 +
  • $8000 +
  • $12000 +
  • $16000 +

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Average transaction is $520

Meet the Style Rep team

Our Style Reps are attentive to new trends, and are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and love of dressing well.

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How do I learn product knowledge and how to sell?

We’ll train you. We are doing group training seminars for all Style Reps in your city in the coming months and we also offer additional e-training in the form of videos and video conferences. We want you to be well trained and confident before you start selling!

What if I have no sales experience?

No experience is required. In fact, the three company founders had no retail or fashion experience prior to Eph Apparel – they simply had an interest in dressing well.

How do you measure someone for custom clothing?

All Eph garments are custom made to each customer’s unique size and shape – that means we will show you how to take 18 accurate measurements from each of your customers.

How do I get paid?

Being an Eph Style Rep is a commission based job with no minimum time commitment or set hours. You work as much or as little as you want and your pay will reflect the effort you put in. Commissions range from 8%-16% and you can make $100+ per hour when working with clients.

Where do I find clients?

Your personal network (family, friends, colleagues) are a great start, and wedding groups are a great source of business too! Eph will also provide you with leads in your city. In the end, everyone is a potential client.

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